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Christopher Knight

How To Make Money With Your Newsletter Part 3 of 10
By Christopher Knight

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Welcome to part 3 of a 10 part series on how to make money with your list.

Today's Tip: Sell Email Discussion List Advertising

There are basically three ways this can be done:

  1. A sponsor can buy a 3 line ad that is put in the footer of each message that is posted through the list. This is great for building mindshare, which is necessary before marketshare can be had. The 3 line x 60 character ad should include a headline that works, Email address mailto:, URL and/or phone number contained within it.

  2. Instead of having a 3 line ad in the footer of each message, consider having just one day a week you send 1, 2 or 3 full page email ads through your list. Your sponsors win and get a 12-60 line ad instead of a 3 line ad, and your list wins in that they don't have to read the ad at the bottom all week long.

  3. If you have multiple email discussion lists, you could create a sponsors list where everyone is automatically added when they join any of your lists,and send your ads through that list weekly, instead of a 3 line ad at the bottom. When they remove from all of your lists; then they are removed from your sponsors or ads list. CPG list (Computer Publishers Group) and Emazing are two lists that come to mind who do this model to fund their list, and it seems to be an effective way to do it.

The most important thing that I'm learning (BTW, I do #1 and #2 for about 30 lists I run for ISPs) is that you need to be UPFRONT with your list members about what you are doing, and how the list is being funded, so that they don't take offense and understand the program.

Currently, my ISP-Lists project delivers about 3.3 million emails a month for Internet Service Providers and while I've only sold about a million impressions so far this month; it has helped make the project possible cost wise.

I believe Email discussion list advertising is in its infancy, and will take another 2-3 years to explore and take off. On the UP side, it's a great way for sponsors to reach their target market quickly. On the DOWN side, the medium is just beginning to prove itself, and there is little data market wide to support its success....but that shouldn't stop you from trying!

Editors Update Note: Sparky sold his ISP email discussion lists to Mecklermedia (NASDAQ:MECK) in October of 1998.

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Ezine-Tips for September 11, 1998

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