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Christopher Knight

How To Make Money With Your Newsletter Part 4 of 10
By Christopher Knight

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Welcome to part 4 of a 10 part series on how to make money with your list.

Today's Tip: Use Your List To Help Someone Else Build Their List

If you can leverage your email newsletter to help someone else build their list, here are 2 quick ways you can create value for yourself:

  1. Setup a value per subscriber or per 100 subscriber, and offer to endorse other lists you believe in, in exchange for, say $25 per 100 new subscribers that are sent to the other list from your referral. You can often do this on days you don't have paid advertising lined up.

  2. What value should you offer to sell them for? 25 to $1 per subscriber.

    How to get started? Go find 25 lists you believe in, and send the list owner an offer they can't refuse. You can easily take all of the risk on your shoulders, and what you may discover quickly: Many email list owners who are willing to pay money to help their list grow immediately.

  3. Use your website to help others email publishers to build their list (perhaps on your thank you page). You can do this as an addition to your list, or as a 1 to 2 punch that after they subscribe to your list, you give them a chance to just say YES to another list(s) by clicking one more button. 25% will usually say yes from my experience. In some circles, this is called "COREG" or co-registration. Just make sure you are up-front about the permission and privacy so new email list members know what to expect.

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Ezine-Tips for September 14, 1998

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