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Christopher Knight

How To Make Money With Your Newsletter Part 6 of 10
By Christopher Knight

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Welcome to part 6 of a 10 part series on how to make money with your list.

Today's Tip: Building Your List Up To Sell Out Down The Road

Most large companies, with deep pockets, don't have the time or folks on board to discover and develop new niches which can be very easily reached with an Email list based business, such as the one you can start and run for 'not a lot of money'.

Most of these companies already planned on just buying what you've built anyway. It's faster and cheaper for them to do this than to build it themself, and it's more profitable for you to build it and sell it than be able to prosper from it (meaning your list) all by yourself without the assistance of a larger companies combined leverage with your list(s).

Now, I'm not talking about just selling your email list. That is only part of the package. I'm talking about selling the package that you've built, which may include one, all or any of the following:

  • Your Email List(s)

  • Your Email List Archives

  • Your Email List Website & It's Content

  • Your Knowledge & Market Intelligence With Your Lists & Topic

  • Your Knowledge of WHO's on Your List & Their Influence

  • Your Advertising Revenue or List Revenue Generated Annually

  • Your Market Share Size Capture Of Your Niche

  • Your Leadership Position & Influence In The Market Niche

  • Your Advertising Relationships Developed

(Did you realize that all of the above has value to someone else? :)

So, today's way to make money with your list, is to build it to sell it down the road, when you've reached a pre-set milestone such as so many $dollars in annual sales, % of market penetration, etc.

Many companies will not only buy your lists/websites, but will pay you for many years thereafter to upkeep the list(s) and accompanying website(s), and you can be rewarded handsomely.

One note: To maintain the possibility that you sell your list and remain on board after you sell your list, make sure that you don't state in your list privacy policy (if you have one) that you will never sell your list to someone else, as you will lose all credibility with your list membership, and after the sell out, you will lose more than you gained in many ways, possibly.

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Ezine-Tips for September 24, 1998

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