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Christopher Knight

How To Price Your List Advertising Packages
By Christopher Knight

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Today, we're going to cover HOW to price your advertising for your list, whether you are selling advertising yourself or through an agency.

A couple of basics first:

  • You have a domain name for your list, right? If not, get one today.

  • You have a media kit listed on your website, right? If not, in the next issue, I'll cover what to include in your lists media kit.

This is a supply and demand market, like all of the others. If there is a huge demand for advertising on your industry niche or focus, then you can expect to charge more than if there is no or little demand for your niche.

Next, and this may seem obvious, but if it isn't, go out today, and find out what your largest competitors are selling advertising for, and then your price will be related to that price, plus or minus your market size compared to your competitors.

If everyone else is SMALLER than you, then price your price HIGHER and the reverse would be true if you were SMALLER than everyone else, then you might want to price LOWER than your core competitor.

You might also want to think BIGGER and position yourself to be sold to your biggest competitor and ask for a share of the revenue for a period of time. For some, you may make more here than doing it yourself, but it really depends on the situation.

If you are the BIGGER list or have market dominance, you might want to set a acquisitions trail to go buy the little guys who have promise and a revenue trail to add to your bottom line.

Now, back to price -- Your email ads are going to be priced probably in this range:

  • Email ads for email newsletter or discussion lists= $5CPM to $100CPM.

  • Web banner ads on your list archive or site can go for the same range.

CPM stands for Cost Per Thousand.

If you own a large percent of a niche, you can expect to have a higher CPM, even if your list is small.

It's easier to start low, sell out and then raise the rate, but it's also easier, if you have strong confidence or market interest in your list, to raise your rate from the start, as you will spend the same amount of time getting a $10,000 sale vs a $1,000 sale.

...but, in sales, there is an old saying: "When hunting MOOSE, remember to shoot the rabbits or you will starve."

Lastly, a word about packages. If you're not doing this already, think in terms of putting together list advertising packages, so that it makes it easier for the media buyer, to figure out what to buy from you. In a typical package, you can put so many list ads, mix them up, and add a web banner or two here or there. This can make it more attractive for the advertising buyer, and make it easier to not compare your great offering vs. a competitor who doesn't do this.

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Ezine-Tips for November 23, 1998

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