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Christopher Knight

How To Weave Your Story Into Your Email Newsletter
By Christopher Knight

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Put on your STORY WEAVER hat today... Does anyone else have the 70s hit, "Dream Weaver" by Gary Wright in their head? I love that song! On with the show: Ezine-Tips reader Glen writes, "I'm not sure if you wrote an article about this...anyway can you offer me any advice or resources about the art of weaving in a story from your life into your email marketing messages? Excellent question Glen!

My First Teleseminar Story:

A year ago I was a guest in a teleseminar. The host asked me to give a few minutes of my history and what lead me to create 'product X' that we were going to discuss in the call. I rambled on for 4 minutes of my history -of completely non-relevant things - that lead up to the creation of product X. At the end of the call as I was reviewing what went right and what needs to improve, I realized that I need to carefully craft only the salient points of my history that will help my listener/reader to understand why I'm the expert at product X. The point: Be sure your stories leave the reader with the salient points that will support your primary goals. Ie: What bullet points do you want the reader to pull away after reading your story?

Stories That Great Speakers & Sales Professionals Use:

Great speakers or great sales professionals will often sell with stories that help their audience to address objections or obstacles. None of us like to be 'SOLD' something, but if we can listen to an interesting story about how someone else with the same concerns or problems we had solved the problem with a specific product, we might be more receptive to buying it. This is also another way to eliminate objections before the buyer even thinks about them. What? You didn't know you have to "SELL YOUR STORY" to your reader... :-)

(8) Ezine Tips To Weave Your Story Into Your Next Email Newsletter:

  1. Be highly selective as to which stories you weave into your articles, considering your audience and their demographics (who they are) and psychographics (why they buy).

  2. Story must be relevant. There would be nothing worse than an irrelevant story that didn't support your primary article or theme/topic of your current newsletter.

  3. Use your story to help prepare your email newsletter readers to BUY something related to your product. Did you ever notice that Ezine-Tips will often have a related product to the topic of the article being presented for continuing education opportunities? This is on purpose.

  4. Keep your stories short, colorful and interesting to read. You have plenty of creative license to expand or add bits of interest to your story if it will help sell your story. Use action adverbs and use a smidgen of inspirational or positive words into your story.

  5. Keep in mind that your ezine reader is reading your story with hopes to excite their own passions within your story... which is often the opposite of your writer-driven reasons and passions that created the story.

  6. There is always room for G-rated clean humor within your story. Most folks appreciate it if you don't take yourself seriously all of the time... yet most professional ezines have no room for inappropriate humor.

  7. Your stories can often be stories about actual experiences you or your clients have had. Just be sure to protect your clients privacy.

  8. When in doubt, share with your reader the questions you were asking yourself during your story. They may be asking themselves the same questions ...thus helping to lead them to the path that you'd like them to take after they finish.

Lastly, ask yourself this question:

"How can my story support the action that I want my ezine reader to take after they read today's email newsletter?" Can you guess which action I'd like you to take today? Can you imagine how powerful this type of story telling can be to keep your reader engaged with you while helping them to evaluate their own life or business issues while reading your story?

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Ezine-Tips for March 22, 2006

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