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Christopher Knight

How to Properly Format Your Ezine Footer
By Christopher Knight

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Today is "International Review your Ezine Footers Day!" That means it is time to log into your email list server or check your email footer templates to make sure they have the most up to date information in them.

Whether you publish in ASCII TEXT, HTML or both, your ezine footer has many important jobs to do for you and your reader. As a bonus, improving your footer may save you many hours a month of labor from having to do more email list member support than you might have to.

Your email newsletter footer's job includes:

  1. Communicate how to get on your list (for people that are forwarded your newsletter or email)

  2. Make it easy for your list member to get off your list

  3. Indicate where your archives can be found

  4. Give an email address for feedback, suggestions or support

  5. Encourage your list member to pass your newsletter or email on.

  6. Include advertising or other selling information or reprint rights info.

  7. Build confidence (Copyright, your ISSN number, etc.)

If you don't have this gem in there, add it today to increase your referrals:

"If you find this information valuable, please pass it on to a friend."

You can also test this in your header.

Next, Let's zero in on your remove instructions:

If your remove email address is: then your remove instructions should use the same wording for the instructions:

To remove, send an email to:

If your remove email address is: leave-listname@your-company-name then your remove instructions should use the same wording for the instructions:

To leave, send an email to:

This is an example of what not to do:

To leave, send an email to:

Notice the small distinction? Important to be consistent. The same goes for your JOIN or SUBSCRIBE address.

Should you include your postal address in your footer?

To be or not to be compliant with the new spam legislation? Ezine-Tips and our other newsletters were not doing this till today, so I am not opposed to it. If you think it builds confidence, then do it. There is little downside other than getting an increase in junk mail.

If you've got something on your mind, send me your thoughts:

To Your Email Lists Success!
Christopher Knight, CEO Network

ps: The EmailUniverse tech team rolled out a new site search engine that you're welcome to test out and give us your feedback as to how we could improve it. (It's in the upper right corner.)

Take it for a spin and let me know what you think. If you want to search the entire site, go the main page and do the search from the upper right corner search box. We'll be improving the search engine over the next week and your comments or suggestions matter! :)

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Ezine-Tips for May 14, 2004

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