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Janet Roberts

IAB Forms Newsletter, Email Committees
By Janet Roberts

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Further proof either that newsletters finally are coming of age (or, if you want to be cynical, others are finally figuring out what we've known all along, that newsletters work):

The Interactive Advertising Bureau has established a new Newsletters Committee to develop ad standards and measurements, to promote newsletters as advertising and communication vehicles and to provide "industry education on the value of newsletters through industry case studies, research and best practices."

The committee has a pretty solid membership list, with some members representing news organizations as well as advertisers. Greg Strakosch, co-founder and CEO of tech-newsletter publishers TechTarget Inc. ( chairs the new group, whose members represent Sabre Virtually There, WashingtonPost Interactive,, TechTarget and Yahoo!.

If your company is an IAB member, you might be able to join the committee.

The IAB also established a separate committee for email initiatives, with Michael Mayor of NetCreations as chair and a committee membership that overlaps with the newsletter one.

Adam Gelles, IAB's director of industry initiatives, said IAB is getting into newsletters and email because it "wants to be ahead of the curve in setting best practices and standards. The focus and growth in newsletter and email marketing means that we need to turn our attention and the industry's attention to these important areas."

The Email committee will develop a privacy-validation initiative for publishers and list resellers and standards for email and privacy.

Ezine-Tips for October 25, 2002

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