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Janet Roberts

In Kansas, You Must Honor Opt-Outs
By Janet Roberts

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Surely, no spammers read Ezine-Tips. (If you do, and you spam us, you're history but fast!)

For all of our legitimate email-marketer readers, we found an excellent resource that lists current anti-spam laws for six U.S. states.

Accucast, maker of Socketware software, has compiled six common components of typical anti-spam legislation and graphed them against the six states that have laws on the books or awaiting effective dates. The chart also lists how each state applies its laws.

The six components include no false routing information, no hijacking someone else's domain name, no phony subject lines, including an opt-out provision, honoring that opt-out and including sender contact information. The six states featured are Kansas, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Washington, Maryland and South Dakota.

At one glance, you can see that Kansas and Minnesota have the most comprehensive laws of the six states listed. However, Kansas doesn't require sender contact information. Minnesota does, but it doesn't explicitly require you to honor opt-outs. (You'd better, if you know what's good for you, right?)

TOklahoma, on the other hand, says only that you can't send email with false routing information. (The actual law likely is more strict, but the chart measures only the most common components.)

Ezine-Tips for November 15, 2002

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