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Christopher Knight

Increase Email Newsletter Frequency 2X
By Christopher Knight

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A email newsletter pattern has emerged. Ezine publishers spend an enormous amount of time and energy producing a top quality email newsletter that could be having 2-3 times the impact if they were to re-arrange their ezine publishing strategy. If you publish 2-5+ featured articles per email newsletter, you are a great candidate to:


If your content quality is original and highly relevant to your audience, I promise you that your list members will not bail in masses when you reduce the content volume and increase the frequency. Note: There are some delicate privacy or representation concerns here because it’s not good to sell new subscribers on one email newsletter frequency and then switch them to another – but it can be done if you make the switch gradual and without a shock to your list. The more relevant the material is to your readership, the more forgiving they will be. If you only publish (1) article per email newsletter issue and send twice a month, I recommend testing weekly. If you already send weekly, test sending every 4-5 days instead of every 7 days. Why does less content and increased volume pay increased dividends? 1) We are an “info-bite” world and no longer can dedicate time to reading multiple articles in depth the same that we could just 10 years ago. Research has proven that your email readers scan your ezine and only drill into the article if it really captures their interests. 2) You’ll reduce the number of people who save and forget about your ezine because it had so many good articles that they were allegedly going to read at a later time. Fewer articles allows your reader to instantly digest the content on the stop in most cases. 3) Increased email newsletter frequency allows you to build a stronger relationship with your reader than a weekly or bi-weekly or monthly frequency. 4) You get improved opportunities to pitch different products, services or sell more advertising as your ad-inventory just doubled. 5) Increased efficiency – You’re able to build 2 newsletters with the same time that you used to build just one. Send one out now and schedule the bonus issue with your email newsletter software. Can’t you just feel the ezine production labor savings folks? Bonus Ezine SEO ROI Tip: If you publish more than 1 article per email newsletter issue, be certain to create one web page of content for every single article in your newsletter. You are throwing away free natural/organic search engine traffic if you put all of your ezine articles in one web page of content. Every article within your ezine should have its own web page that is keyword optimized to help the search engines figure out how to index your articles. Ezine Publishing Bottom Line If you publish 2 or more articles per newsletter, try testing an increase in frequency and a reduction in number of articles per issue. The worst that will happen is that you’ll have to go back to a lower frequency and a higher volume, but the chances of that happening after you’ve had a taste in increased revenues is unlikely from my experience & tests.

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Ezine-Tips for June 02, 2005

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