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Christopher Knight

Increase Repeat Purchases From Your Existing Clients Thanks To Your Email Newsletter
By Christopher Knight

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Think of your ezine as the conveyor belt designed to take a qualified potential prospect for your business and over time, to convert that prospect into a paying customer and raging loyal fan of you and your business. Now, once you have the customer, it is time to crank up three very specific outcomes:

1) To increase the frequency of purchase.

What this is: If a client buys once every 90 days, your goal may be to use your newsletter to encourage them to buy something else from you every 70-80 days. How it's done with your ezine: Depending on the frequency increase in repeat purchases that you're after, you may need to increase the frequency of your ezine so that you are sending enough quality content combined with continual offers of related products or services that might be of interest to your clients. Use your newsletter to poll them to find out what else they might be interested in buying from you. Test product pitches of products or services that you produce and you may even want to try pitching someone else's products as an affiliate. If your client buys every 90 days from you and you get them to buy 1-4 products from an affiliate throughout the year, they still bought more frequently from you than before you set the goal to increase the purchase frequency.

2) To increase the average ticket price.

What this is: All of your sales divided by the number of invoices you created in a given time period is your average ticket price. Once you know your average ticket price, you can set a goal to increase it. How it's done with your ezine: Use your ezine to leverage the trust that you cultivated over time with your clients. Higher priced products require greater levels of social proof combined with greater levels of education and customer confidence. Your ezine is the perfect vehicle to accomplish an increase in perceived credibility by your customers. Send them gifts of insider information and product use tips often and without any expectation of needing something in return for each gift of info. The law of reciprocation will be on your side. You can also graduate your clients from one level of newsletter to a higher level of secret info or vip newsletter where you share juicier bits of data with them vs. your basic level of client.

3) To increase the number of referrals each client is giving you.

What this is: Word of mouth is often the number one source of business for most companies, yet very few companies do any kind of ‘word of mouth' campaigns or parties. How it's done with your ezine: Use your email newsletter to run contests to reward your clients for telling their friends about you. You might even consider launching a separate affiliate email newsletter to give your affiliates specific tips to help them improve their sales of your product.

Email list segmentation helps in all of these situations!

A customer email newsletter is always a better candidate for list segmentation vs. a general public newsletter where your goal is to convert them from prospect to client. Typical list segmentations might be based on many variables such as type of product, type of client, purchasing power/history of the client, whether they bought another related product as part of your sales funnel, etc. Just like an ezine is the perfect tool for converting prospects into customers, it is also the perfect tool for converting existing clients into repeat buyers and of a higher ticket price and purchasing frequency than before. Stop reading now and take at least one action from the many buried hints throughout today's Ezine-Tips issue. :-)

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Ezine-Tips for October 09, 2005

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