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Christopher Knight

Increase Your Ezine Frequency via Smarter Email Segmentation
By Christopher Knight

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One way to raise sales, conversions and web traffic is to increase the frequency of your ezine deliveries… but, how do you do that without losing your members who didn't sign up for that frequency (misrepresentation issue) and without alienating the positive relationship you built with the other members who don't mind the frequency increase but don't find every email relevant to their needs?

Solution: Segment your ezine into a handful of narrower segments of members of similar interests or members who respond to your ezine offers by opening or clicking on anything within your past 3-9 months of issues.

The Ezine Frequency/Relevancy Truth: The greater the relevance your ezine is to your readers, the more they will allow you to increase the frequency of your issues without bailing out.

An Example to Illustrate This Principle:

You've got 10,000 list members for your racquetball tips ezine that you send weekly. In the last 6 months, 2,500 of your members have clicked on links for racquetball equipment interests, 2,500 members have clicked on articles or offers relating to wanting more racquetball training, and 4,000 members have opened any of your emails (assuming you track open rate) of which 2,000 of your members have opened every single email you sent in this time period.

If you didn't do any email segmentation, in a typical month, you would mail out 4 times to your 10,000 members and achieve 40,000 deliveries. You bring in an average of $2500 per issue in sales for your business via infoproducts, web traffic delivered to your shopping cart or pay per click ad revenue profit center.

But, this month is different as you've implemented Chris Knight's suggestion and have segmented your ezine. In addition to the normal mailing to your 10,000 members 4 times a month, you also sent a bonus issue aimed at offering additional reviews of the latest racquetball gear that was just released (2,500 members), another bonus issue to the 2,500 members who have clicked on previous offers for racquetball training where you interview or reviewed the newest racquetball training DVD, and for the 2000 folks who open ever single email, you sent a Sunday morning bonus issue that is either more personal than your typical issue and offers some racquetball tips or tournament insights that have really worked for you and could work for them as well.

Net result is an increase by 7,000 deliveries or 17.5% over the previous month…and annually you're delivering an additional 84,000 emails (assuming no list growth or list growth meets attrition). You'll never know without testing, but I can assure you that your segmented lists will out-perform your non-segmented lists in terms of revenue per list member. If these 7,000 extra deliveries bring you an extra $2,000 per month in increased sales, you just found a way to increase your sales by $24,000 annually without alienating your existing list members who are happy with the normal distribution schedule.

The increased cost to deliver the extra emails is negligible but there would be an increased labor cost to setup the segmentation and invest the time studying your ezine analytics (stats).

How To Overcome The Frequency Representation Issue:

I'm not advocating throwing the email frequency you represented to your list members out the window, but perhaps you might find some value in making it a bit vaguer than you have in the past. Some of my ezines say the delivery schedule is: Periodic whenever I have quality information or tips to share whereas others might say: Weekly with periodic bonus issues.

Another way to keep your word and increase the email frequency: Create offers that have a 'name squeeze' attached to them forcing your members who want the offer to sign up to get access. You then send them either a 7 part email course (via an email autoresponder) or send them bi-weekly additional mailings related to the topic they signed up for.

I've done this strategy to pack my teleseminars, increase sales and increase the speed of the typical sales cycle. You can too! :-)

Ezine Segmentation Conclusion: You can push the envelope on your ezine frequency if you up the relevancy of your emails to address the needs of your list members as they have represented by their prior actions (clicking or opening your emails).

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Ezine-Tips for March 29, 2005

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