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Janet Roberts

It Pays to Hold Back
By Janet Roberts

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Today's tip comes courtesy of Quris, an email-strategies consultancy based in Denver, Colo., which brings us the public-relations equivalent of the 12-hour cold capsule. You know, the one that gives you some relief from your cold now and more a little later?

Earlier this year, Quris released a well-received report on email attitudes and usage, "Permission Email Marketing: The View from the Inbox".

Today, Quris released "Building Brand Loyalty With Email:" findings from the survey that weren't included in that first report.

Although the research itself was moderately interesting (in short: Email can boost your brand if you use it right and hurt it if you don't), the tactic itself is more interesting for people who publish or promote their own research studies, white papers, ebooks or special reports in their newsletters.

If you include any of these as content in your newsletter, hold something back from the first time you announce your results. Look for what news-writers call the secondary lead: information that's important, relates to the main story and can stand on its own but isn't as crucial or eye-popping.

Then, when the need arises -- you need to produce a newsletter in advance, or you want to goose sales or downloads of the product -- you unleash Part Two: your secondary lead repackaged as the main story. It's new information, worthwhile to read, and it keeps your original information fresh.

The one caution: Choose information that can sit around for a while. Old-time newspaper people (like me) call that "evergreen." The original Quris study was published five months earlier, but the information was still fresh and unreported by anyone else.

Ezine-Tips for October 14, 2002

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