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Christopher Knight

John Labovitz's E-Zine-List - Directory Changes Hands
By Christopher Knight

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John Labovitz...a person that many early email newsletter publishers will recall, began editing his E-Zine-List in the Summer of 1993. Earlier this Summer (of 2004), he sent his "good-bye" letter:

In John's good bye letter, he mentioned, "When I started the list, e-zines were usually a few kilobytes of plain text stored in the depths of an FTP server; high style was having a Gopher menu, and the Web was just a rumor of a myth."

Here is the original location of his ezine directory:

Picking up the torch where John left off will be a group of editors at "Thank You But No," a non-profit, independent artistís cooperative dedicated to the advancement of the arts through communication. Frankly, I don't understand the name, but they do have a nice database of lists and it would not hurt to promote your ezine in their directory.

Visit the new site:

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