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Christopher Knight

List-Slaughter or Why Email List Repurposing Is Bad
By Christopher Knight

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There are two types of evil when it comes email newsletter publishers who repurpose their email lists: Type 1) Intentionally misleading and no true respect for the privacy of their list member. Type 2) List-slaughter is where they unintentionally come to the realization that the current ezine relationship isn't working for their business interests any more so they take liberties that they know are wrong. Not only are you in danger of alienating your email members and clients, but you run the risk of being blacklisted or blocked partially or fully... List repurposing can have a very negative impact on your overall email deliverability.

How to fix this or ensure you never get labeled as a spammer for repurposing your email lists:

Simple: Never repurpose your lists. It's not ok to misrepresent your email newsletter or email alert lists by joining your member to related lists that they did not also sign up for. It's not ok to change your mind later in the life cycle of your ezine. If you must change your mind, you can give your members the option to opt-into the new ezine or email list direction you want to go in. It's not ok to put your email list members on another list by telling them that they can unsubscribe at any time.

Common example of this mistake from the ezine publishing world:

An ezine publisher will put a subscription form where you can subscribe to their ezine. They will then send you the ezine that you signed up for AND also put you on their house list for solo-mailings or company-news email alert lists that you didn't ask to receive.

Common example of this mistake from the email marketing world:

An email marketer will give their customers the ability to sign up for new product alert lists when a particular product will become available and then they will abuse that permission by sending them related product updates that the customer may or may not be interested in.

Honesty, Integrity in Ezine/Email Publishing Needed

If you want to build trust and credibility with your clients, the market and all of your stakeholders, you must be honest with how you intend to deliver the email related services that you offer. Lastly, if you are going to have a streak of evil in your ezine publishing arsenal, at least make it easy for your email members to unsubscribe from ALL of the lists you forced them on so they can give you one notice that you're fired rather than having to fight to get off multiple lists of yours that they never signed up for.

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Ezine-Tips for February 02, 2007

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