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Christopher Knight

MailerMailers Email Marketing Metrics Report Recommends Personalized Subject Lines
By Christopher Knight

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Recently Email Service Provider (ESP) MailerMailer released an email metrics report on the first half of this year. To save you some time from reading all 28 pages of this report, I'm going to give you the quick highlights:
  • Mondays, Tuesdays and Weekends are best days to send.

  • Wednesdays and Friday's are the days your email is least likely to be read.

  • Tuesday mailings typically get the highest click rates.

  • Shorter Subject Lines (less than 35 characters) significantly outperform longer subject lines (greater than 35 characters) by both open rate and click through rate (CTR.)

  • Subject line personalization is the single best place to add personalization if you want to improve open rate and CTR.

  • Shoot for having either 5-10 links or over 20 links for best performance. Try to avoid having 6-19 links within your emails.

  • Text messages show a very slight advantage in CTR over HTML, but the percentage is negligible.
In summary, send your email newsletters and permission-based email marketing campaigns on Monday with a personalized subject line less than 35 characters and have either 5-10 links or over 20 in each email body and whether you do text or HTML is your choice. Here's the full details on the MailerMailer study. Keep in mind: The above bullet points were my viewpoint on their findings and not exact conclusions that MailerMailer provided in their study.

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Ezine-Tips for November 09, 2007

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