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Janet Roberts

Make Friends with Netscape
By Janet Roberts

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If you have a Web site, does it work in Netscape as well as Internet Explorer?

Are you sure? Better check it out.

A browser based on Netscape's Mozilla project likely will replace Internet Explorer in its Version 8.0, to be issued this fall. If you're a Web-site owner, that's your wake-up call to make sure everything functions in different browsers.

As a regular Netscape user, I always run across Web sites with crucial functions that don't work in Netscape. The biggest offenders are inactive subscribe-me buttons. Once AOL Version 8.0 goes live, you could be missing a lot of business if you haven't optimized for Netscape. (That's also why you should offer an email subscription link as well as a button, as we have advocated in the past.)

Test versions for Windows and Macintosh OS X include Mozilla code instead of IE, according to a recent story on You can read a good story about a possible return to the browser wars of the 1990s here.

By testing browsers, I also suggest you do it yourself instead of assuming your Web designers have covered it. You can download Version 6.2 or a preview of Version 7.0 at Netscape's site (Netscape, which pioneered the Mozilla code, is an AOL Time Warner property.)

Ezine-Tips for June 10, 2002

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