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Christopher Knight

MarketingSherpa Releases Dirty Dozen Email Newsletter Mistakes Nearly Everyone Makes 7-12
By Christopher Knight

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In an effort to promote their upcoming 3rd annual Em@il Summit '08 in Miami (that I'll be attending as well), the experts over at MarketingSherpa have released their dirty dozen mistakes that they believe nearly everyone makes. Here are the last (6) of their "Dirty Dozen" along with my comments:

Mistake #7. Deliverability: Content, Formatting & Lack of Self-Advocacy

This has more to do with choosing a quality ESP (Email Service Provider) who is well regarded as a whitehat provider. Email deliverability has a lot to do with reputation of your ESP and the domains (yours) in each email.

Mistake #8. Designing Images That Appear as Red Xs

I'm an advocate of always using ALT-TEXT on image tags in HTML newsletters and so should you.

Mistake #9. Disregarding Your BlackBerry and Mobile Readers

With 4-5 million iPhones on the market also, I'd add that to your list of people who might be on your list and reading your email communications on their mobile device. When thinking mobile usability, TEXT IS BEST.

Mistake #10. Repeating Ad Types

If you have advertisements in your newsletter, change the positions around to prevent ad blindness. Ad blindness is when your readership begins to not see your ads because they have been trained to avoid looking at them. Every medium eventually suffers from this.

Mistake #11. Collecting Bad Response Rates

You can't do proper stats analysis if you don't have the right formula's. I'm not sure I agree with MarketingSherpa's advice to calculate CTR (Click Through Rate) by clicks divided by open rate due to open rate not being accurate for a myriad of reasons. Whichever way you end up calculating your stats, be sure to be consistent so that you can create a baseline to measure future A/B split tests against.

Mistake #12. Relying on Email Only

Many email newsletter publishers send print versions along with their email versions. If you can afford to do it, this is a great communication strategy that is proven to pay off. Want to read the full report? Dirty Dozen Miss the first (6)? Here they are.

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Ezine-Tips for February 13, 2008

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