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Christopher Knight

Microsoft Outlook Spam Filter Keywords and Phrases: Avoid Them
By Christopher Knight

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If you want your emails to be read by your email list members that use Microsoft Outlook for their email program and use Microsoft's spam filtering technology, then pull up a chair and pay attention to today's Ezine-Tip as it'll help you increase your email deliverability:

The Microsoft Outlook Spam filter uses keywords and phrases that are sorted by two different types of categories:

  1. Junk E-mail Filter
  2. Adult Content Filter

It may be difficult for you to avoid all of the keywords and phrases in Microsoft's spam and adult filter list, but here are the current words or phrases that might set-off the MS Outlook spam filter:

Awareness is the goal here so that you get a better feeling for which terms and phrases might get your emails blocked. Increasing your email deliverability will ultimately help you to increase your response rate.

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Ezine-Tips for December 16, 2004

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