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Christopher Knight

Must Email List Publishers Blog?
By Christopher Knight

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If you publish an email newsletter and don't have a blog yet, I have this hunch that there is this little voice in your head urging you to BLOG. There are a few publishing experts who believe you do not have to blog while many others are quietly rebuilding their entire website presence to be blog-oriented.

A blog is short for "web log" and unless you've been disconnected from the Internet for the last 2 years -- you can't miss them. To be considered a blog, I believe they should share some or all of the following characteristics:

  • Must have an RSS feed

  • Ability to post comments

  • Date of the article included and sometimes the time

  • PermanentLink or Permalink archive format

  • Daily, and sometimes multiple-daily entires

  • Chronological reverse order (newest stuff on top)

  • Unique personal style or written in a personal voice

  • Trackbacks -- the ability to share content with other blogs that post comments to each other

  • Listed in multiple blog search engines

One positive shift in blogging that I've noticed recently is that there are many business people that are producing "professional blogs" that don't have all the cutesy irrelevant personal information that a busy professional does not have time to read. There is nothing wrong with a personal blog about personal things -- but perhaps we are all finding our way this year with where the "line" is on how to have a personal voice in a business-oriented blog.

If you've been watching how we've evolved the Ezine-Tips 1,000+ article database, you can see that we have taken the "PermanentLink" concept from blogging to make our articles easier to be picked up by other people's blogs. You've also noticed that I added an RSS feed for Ezine-Tips. On deck to add is a moderated comment system along with a trackbacks feature.

If you are still new to all of this Blog stuff, perhaps your first step is to get an RSS reader and subscribe to a few RSS feeds to find your way. I've tested a few dozen of them, and currently like one called, "RSSPUBLISHER".

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Conclusion: If you want to extend your reach, you must blog. If you don't want to jump in 100% into the "blogosphere" -- why not at least start by adding an RSS feed to your email newsletter. Your Ezine-Tip for the day is to start becoming aware of the viral promotion that participating in blogs can bring to your ezine or email announcement newsletter. :-)

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Ezine-Tips for July 29, 2004

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