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Janet Roberts

New Services Aims to Boost Deliveries
By Janet Roberts

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A new service says it can either help you get your newsletters to their intended destinations or pinpoint the problem areas, whether you ended up in a junk-mail folder or you suddenly showed up on an anti-spam blocklist.

Assurance Systems offers three services to email publishers:

  • Message Checker tells you if you have formatting or keywords that are likely to trigger spam filters.

  • Mailbox Monitor can tell you if your message hit someone's inbox, got diverted into a junk-mail folder or went missing.

  • Blacklist Alert send you an email if your outbound mail server gets added to one of the 300-plus anti-spam blocklists it tracks.

I asked Assurance Systems CEO George Bilbrey about cost.

"I assume that most of your readers' lists are relatively small," he replied. "For lists under 100,000 addresses our price would normally be $300 per month for the bundle. However, since we are just launching the service, we have a 90-day trial that is 50 percent off ($150 per month). If someone wanted to buy only one tool, we would have to discuss that."

Although Ezine-Tips isn't endorsing the service, which we haven't reviewed, you might consider test-driving it to get more information about why your emails aren't being delivered.

Bilbrey is familiar with the ins and outs of email nondeliveries, as he co-founded Return Path, the email change-of-address service, in 1999.

More Details

If you're having more problems than usual getting your newsletters delivered, the Mailbox Monitor service might be the most valuable. Here's how Bilbrey describes it:

"We provide you with a seed list of addresses across the top ISPs (representing [more than] 60% of a typical list). When you mail your campaign, mail this seed list as well. You can then log into our reporting site to monitor if the campaign is getting through. Did it make it into the inbox, bulk/junk mail folder or is it just missing?"

Message Checker takes a message you send to its email address and runs it through the major spam-filtering systems. It'll report whether your newsletter passed or failed and flag problems areas.

You can check out the three services here.

Ezine-Tips for October 24, 2002

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