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Christopher Knight

New Subscriber Retention Techniques
By Christopher Knight

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NOTE: This tip is especially for daily publishers.

Many of you are already implementing "phase one" of today's subscriber-retention technique each time you offer a subscriber leaving your list an opportunity to join your weekly or monthly broadcast as a "lower volume" alternative. Your offers are usually included in the good-bye message.

Unfortunately, this technique has a flaw. By the time you send an invitation to join "lower volume" versions, your readers have already unsubscribed, and the momentum needed to rejoin your list is much lower. Here's a tip: Require subscribers to leave your list via a Web interface. Consider using this form:

Are you sure you want to unsubscribe?

( ) No, please lower my delivery frequency to one email
per week.

( ) No, please lower my delivery frequency to one email
per month.

( ) Yes, please unsubscribe me. I no longer want the
benefits your newsletter offers at this time.

By directly addressing the "high volume" objection, which many subscribers cite as the MAIN REASON for leaving good-quality ezines, you are lowering the chance of permanently losing list members.

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Ezine-Tips for March 20, 2001

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