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Newsletter Directories: NetterWeb and WebScout Lists
By Janet Roberts

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The bad news: Many of the directories that newsletter-submission services use to promote your newsletter (the service you pay for, by the way) are useless. They're either out of business, out of date or too small to register with most readers.

The good news: A few newsletter directories stand out because of professional presentation, active promotion of listings and a sizable inventory of newsletters that you'd like to be seen with.

Two free-registration directories that look promising are NetterWeb and WebScout Lists.

1. NetterWeb
Has about 1,200 newsletters and discussion groups in its database. A fairly sophisticated list-submission service that lets you pinpoint your category more precisely than other directories or free hosts. Asks for a reciprocal ad. Subscribers can click an active email link to subscribe from the site. Search functions let you search for ezines that accept sponsorships, classifieds, ad swaps or articles, although you can't search the article database yet. The sign-up procedure accommodates many different clients, such as Listserv or Majordomo, which have more complicated email commands than Lyris-based systems. Also accepts discussion groups.

2. WebScout Lists
An easy submission process and a handy subscription procedure uses shopping-cart technology to let searchers sign up for or unsubscribe from several newsletters on one Web form, instead of having to send individual emails. Brian Alt reported on this site in 1999 (see link at end), but a few things have changed in the interim: You can pinpoint your category more precisely now without paying. (Or, if you have to pay, there's no mention.) Asks for reciprocal ads but accepts newsletters that don't exchange links or swap ads. Sends a confirmation email right away. Accepts discussion groups. See the earlier assessment for details.

And don't forget our own New-List, which has 7800+ newsletters and growing. Look for more reviews of new directories or check-ups of previous mentions in future Ezine-Tips.

UPDATED NOVEMBER 2006: NetterWeb appears to have gone offline. If you're looking for a new home for your best original and quality articles, please consider submitting them to

Ezine-Tips for November 20, 2001

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