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Christopher Knight

No Images? Click Here - Add This To Your HTML Email Newsletter
By Christopher Knight

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I was speaking at the NEPA (Newsletters & Electronic Publishers Association) event in Orlando this month and one of the roundtable discussions brought out this gem that struck me as gold information for HTML newsletter publishers: Because of the increase in the blocking of image ads (you can thank Microsoft Outlook for being the biggest offender), HTML newsletter publishers MUST include a link outside of the HTML ezine to give their members a chance to easily see the ezine via a web page instead of a bunch of broken images. The gentleman at the roundtable discussion shared with me that in the tests his firm did, the "no images, click here" at the top of his newsletters received an 8% Click Through Rate (CTR) and was consistently in the top 3 of all links clicked. Like I should know better being the Ezine-Tips guy and publishing HTML newsletters for many years now, but I was resistant to make this change due to the fact that I'm irritated with email clients that make decisions for the users of their software that are not in their best interests. Microsoft Outlook's (most well known email client that blocks images by default) most likely defense is that the user is not intelligent on average and therefore we must protect them from evil (such as viruses, spyware, phising schemes, spam, etc.). Therefore, from now on, I want to scoop up my lost members and will immediately add a...

"No Images? Click Here"

An example of how it's used: the top of every HTML email newsletter that I send from now on. You might want to test the same if you are not already doing this simple strategy. The only next question you'll have to ask yourself is this: Do you want to send your members to one specific article from your ezine or do you want to post the full HTML ezine on the web. Most will do the latter from initial research on this strategy and many Email Service Providers (ESPs) automate this process for you. Related Resource: Newsletter & Electronic Publishers Association (NEPA)

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Ezine-Tips for December 20, 2005

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