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Christopher Knight

Oprah Emotional-Connection Welcome Message Strategy
By Christopher Knight

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One of Oprahís greatest talents is her ability to emotionally connect with her audience of millions. She has turned that emotional connection ability into a $1.1 billion dollar empire (according to

In a previous Ezine-Tips I had talked about how important it is to use your welcome message to build an emotional connection with your members. Today I wanted to answer a new memberís intro email :

To: Chris Knight
From: Fern Reiss
Subject: Re: Welcome
Date: Tue, 9 Nov 2004 09:07:07 -0500

Hi Christopher,

Thanks for the nice welcome. (Just curious: What percentage of people actually respond to you with their intro? And does it turn into long dialogues? And what does it ultimately do for your newsletter?)

I'm finding about 42% of all new members respond with a personal reply. I took a brief survey of the last 30 days of introductions that I've received and over 60% gave me their complete postal mailing address and phone numbers. Of course I respect their privacy and will never sell this data...but it's good to build a post-card marketing database from this information.

"Does it turn into long dialogues?" Surprising no. Almost never unless I further engage them in discussion.

While I have not been doing this welcome message strategy for very long, I am kicking myself for not having discovered it sooner. I not only personally feel a stronger connection to my readers, but I have a stronger and real-time feel for the demographics of my audience along with what types of businesses they are in. I can't speak for my readers, but my gut instinct is that these new Ezine-Tips subscribers who have sent me their personal introductions feel a connection with me more than those who didn't send the intro.

I do respond to 100% of the introductions (about a dozen or two per day) and find the time is a good investment in building relationships that may turn into customers some day. It establishes the trust cycle on why they should get to know and trust me to provide them with expert information regarding building and managing an email newsletter.

Only additional strategy I would recommend is setting up a unique email address so that you can filter the introductions for replying all at once rather than throughout the day.

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Ezine-Tips for November 09, 2004

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