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Christopher Knight

PodCasting - Using Your Ezine For PodCast Delivery and Promotion
By Christopher Knight

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PodCasting and RSS go together, but can PodCasting and Ezines go together? Let's explore the advantages of using your ezine to build your PodCast audience.

PodCasting Brief History & Definition:

Adam Cury of MTV fame (and Mr. Email is Dead) seems to be credited as one of the sources that made the term "podcasting" popular. The technology was developed thanks to Adam, Kevin Marks and Dave Winer's contribution of an enclosure element within the RSS protocol.

Now, before I completely lose you (especially if you have not latched onto RSS yet), what this really means is that you can download postcasts via an RSS feed so that if you computer is left on at night, you could pick up your broadcasts overnight and download them to your iPod. They call it automatic synchronization of syndicated content, but you can call it "convenience."

PodCasting is really about time shifting... giving your audience the ability to get your content on their time schedule at their convenience in a most likely mobile environment.

What's an iPod?

This is Apple computer's MP3 player.

Do you need an iPod to download a PodCast?

No. Any MP3 player will do.

PodCasting Demystified:

Lots of fancy terminology here but the reality is that PodCasting just means you create short audio segments (5-20 minutes or so) and give them away(or charge for it) via the MP3 format. Your audience can then download your content and take you into the gym with them after work rather than having to be in front of the computer to enjoy your works.

PodCasting RSS Transport & Ezines

I'm here to say that you don't need RSS (Really Simple Syndication) to transport a PodCast!

Strip the branding away and we're really talking about transporting an MP3 file.

This is where your email newsletter comes in!

Granted, your ezine won't give the convenience of providing your audience with a behind the scenes automatic download of a 5-20MB MP3 file from their subscription, but your ezine can serve many other purposes...such as:

  • Promoting your PodCasts
  • Finding guest experts to be interviewed for your PodCasts
  • Reaching a wider audience (let's face it...more people have EMAIL than have RSS!)

NOTE: You don't want to actually deliver the MP3 FILE via your ezine as that would not be appropriate but you could promote the pickup location of the file or your podcast website where the file can be downloaded instantly.

You can use your ezine to either link directly to the MP3 file to download or to your website where the file can be instantly downloaded.

There's much more to this PodCast thing as you'll no doubt here more about it this year, but know that you don't have to become an RSS expert to get your hands on the PodCasting concept because your ezine is a great way to begin or supplement your PodCasts distribution & marketing.

Lastly, while my wife wants to buy one of those pink iPods because, "they are cool" she says... I just can't see myself buying an iPod because I like my iRiver MP3 player just fine thank you. :-) Thankfully you don't need an iPod to download a podcast.

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Ezine-Tips for May 11, 2005

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