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Christopher Knight

Proactive Email List Member Policies - Create an Email Alias Ban List
By Christopher Knight

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To keep your email deliverability high, you must continually create stronger email list member policies to ensure that youíre not opening up your list to be thought of as being part of the "dark side" of the force (corny Star Wars reference).

When's the last time you did list maintenance or reviewed your list hygiene?

Recently, a well known ezine publisher had some problems with her ESP (Email Service Provider) because she had multiple email addresses on her list that looked suspect.

More than a year ago, I had made a new rule with my email list server that indicated that we would no longer accept any email addresses that started with:


You might want to consider doing the same.

Even though we were already 100% double or confirm opt-in, I still wanted to raise the bar and make this statement: If you are a real legitimate member of my lists, then you wonít be hiding behind one of the above email aliases.

Create Your Own Ban List

You may even want to consider creating a banned list of known addresses that should never show up on your list, especially if you run single opt in for your subscription method. This list would be IN ADDITION to the above list of email aliases that you ban as well.

While I don't want to pry open the debate about whether you should run single or double opt in (I run double opt in and so should you), but itís important to point out that you can still be suckered into adding addresses onto your list like the ones above if you have double opt in! How? If your list server allows the confirmation to only be a reply, if someone tries to subscribe an info@ email address to your list and then an autoresponder confirms the subscription - You have an instant problem.

Your Email Deliverability May Depend On It!

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Ezine-Tips for May 16, 2005

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