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Janet Roberts

Promotion Resource: Buzz Your Zine
By Janet Roberts

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Several months ago, when we interviewed publisher Angela Hoy, we asked about writing ebooks as another way to create income for online publishers. She didn't want to touch the topic, she said, because it would just encourage the proliferation of even more badly done ebooks.

Happily, her own ebook is a shining example, not just of how to promote your email newsletter but how to write a great ebook.

Angela's weekly newsletter, WritersWeekly, goes out to about 60,000 subscribers weekly, and they're a fanatically devoted lot. That number, by the way, went up about 10,000 in the year that I have been reading it, which leads me to think that Angela knows something about promotion.

I probably should have waited until I could see whether following her advice would pay in more subscribers for my own ezine before deciding whether to recommend that you spend US$8.95 for it.

Well, I can't wait. It's an excellent ebook, stuffed with handy advice, including an easy-to-follow 40-day plan to build buzz, real-life examples to study, deep-thinking exercises and links for more information.

It's written in the same warm, offhand style Angela uses in her weekly newsletter. It mixes checklist-style tips with exercises to get you thinking more deeply about your own ezine and what will or won't work in your own buzz-building campaign.

About the only thing it doesn't have is a guarantee that buying the ebook will give you the same results she has found in her own publishing career.

"I can't promise you the moon," she writes in her introduction. "Only a good zine gets Buzz, no matter how hard you work at it, but we can help you to start thinking in new directions and help you jumpstart your creativity."

In case you're wondering.... No, I'm not getting paid to promote this ebook, and my review copy never arrived. However, I've already started my own 40-day buzz-building plan, and I just picked up five new readers (who aren't relatives or friends).

Start at the main BuzzYour site to see what the ebook series is all about, then click on the Buzz Your Zine graphic to go to the ordering page. It's sold through, which Angela owns with her husband, Richard, and should be available to credit-card-holding buyers outside the United States.

Ezine-Tips for March 07, 2002

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