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Brian Alt

Publicity and Name Recognition
By Brian Alt

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An often overlooked source of "promotion" for an email publication is free publicity in the traditional forms of interviews, article bylines, and so on. Publicity comes in all shapes and sizes, and a single significant publicity opportunity can generate thousands of new subscribers for your ezine.

Unfortunately, there's no "system" for finding publicity opportunities. But generally speaking, if you seek them out (or create them), they tend to come to you over time.

One thing that publicity opportunities create -- in addition to direct traffic to your Web site or subscriptions to your ezine -- is name recognition. For example, I contribute in a small capacity to a couple of print publications with circulations in the hundreds of thousands. While these publications (unfortunately) don't list my Web site address in each issue, they do include my name.

Now you might not think this would help much, but try a search for "Brian Alt" on Google,, or another popular search engine. Chances are that comes up somewhere near the top of the search results. Anyone who reads my name in print and tries to find out more on the Web is two simple steps away from this ezine.

Wherever possible, however, you do want to include your Web site URL and ezine subscription info wherever possible in your free publicity exposure.

Another option to enhance the name recognition power that free publicity can create is to actually register your domain name. This domain stands a better chance than any other of ranking high for a search for your name on search engines. The site itself on this domain could simply be a short paragraph about you and a collection of links to your other sites and ezines.

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