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Janet Roberts

Publisher's Resource: "The Keeping the Key Report"
By Janet Roberts

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If you're looking for ways to improve your newsletter's effectiveness, I can recommend Mark Brownlow's new ebook, "Keeping the Key."

Brownlow's name should be familiar if you've followed Ezine-Tips regularly. He was one of our judges in the first Ezine-Tips Online Publishing Awards contest earlier this year, and he was the newsletter guru for the well-regarded but dormant iBiz family of business-focused newsletters.

Now writing from his home in Austria, Brownlow lays out both a bit of philosophy and plenty of hands-on how-tos in this report (US$60, 128 pages, available here).

The challenge, as Brownlow sees it, is to "create a newsletter that brings about (a) conversion from subscriber to enthusiast. How do you build that relationship using email, and generate that long-term influence and impact?"

If you're still at the starting line with your newsletter, you'll find plenty of solid advice in the practicalities of setting up, structuring and delivering that first issue. Those are what Brownlow calls the "direct attributes" that contribute to the kind of professionalism that good newsletters display.

Equally important, though, are the "indirect attributes," the way you conduct yourself as a publisher, with your readers, with contributors and others.

Brownlow also helps you figure out how to deliver value to your readers with content, how to develop a personality for your newsletter and ways to measure your success. The focus here is on building reader relationships; so, don't look for promotion and revenue-generation ideas or some of the other topics that preoccupy publishers.

Brownlow's ebook is a comprehensive look at the factors that help you build and maintain subscriber loyalty and enthusiasm, suitable for new publishers as well as veterans who want to see how their ventures stack up.

Ezine-Tips for December 28, 2001

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