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Christopher Knight

Put Your Email Newsletter Registration Box on Your Home Page
By Christopher Knight

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A recent Silverpop research study found that "23% failed to include e-mail registration requests on their home pages." Let's act on that finding today if you have not yet. Here's why it's important:

Is growing your email opt-in list important to you?

If it's important, then remove the barriers that prohibit your members from getting added to your list when they visit your home page. That means, adding a subscription box to your home page ABOVE THE FOLD (meaning, so that the average visitor to your home page can see where to put their name and email address to get on your email list immediately).

Think for a moment of those long single-page sites that are sales letters:

Did you ever notice that the GOOD ones will put an "ORDER NOW" button or link above the fold and in easy view near the top whereas the BAD ones make you scroll all the way to the bottom to find out how to order the product? Same goes for growing your email list. It's nice that you want to sell your visitors on why they should join your email list(s), but don't get in the way of allowing someone who just wants to join your list without being sold as to why they should.

Think about me (the Ezine-Tips publisher guy) for a moment:

I have 140k people on my double opt-in email lists right now. I have failed to offer my subscribers a reason why they should join my newsletters (working on that), but did you notice that they had no problem subscribing to my lists because I have a subscription box on my home page and EVERY page of my site, mostly above the fold. Yes, this strategy works! :-)

Email Newsletter Subscription Box Conclusion:

Make it easy for your website visitors to subscribe to your email newsletter by putting a subscription form on your home page above the fold. If you really want to do it right, make sure every page of your site has a subscription box that gives a potential reader an opportunity to join your email list. It is that important!

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Ezine-Tips for November 01, 2005

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