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Janet Roberts

Reader Feedback on Managing Bounces
By Janet Roberts

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Two email pros sent in additional information in response to a recent Ezine-Tip on a new white paper from, which offered advice and tips on managing bounces:

First, from Lynda Partner, CEO of GotMarketing

"Another idea.... Many email-marketing software products can help you here too. If you type your manual email address additions into a spreadsheet and upload it into your email marketing software, any email addresses that don't have valid structures should be kicked out and sent back to you in a file so you can double-check the exceptions."

Jeff Rich of co-registration service HipLists noted this:

"FYI - some co-registration services (like HipLists of course) are validating single opt-in emails (using custom validation programs) to prevent undeliverables from being given to our customers in the first place.

"We do this by checking both the domain and the user at that domain to make sure it's deliverable before we ever pass along a subscription to a publisher.

"I've found that the deliverable rates on my newsletters has jumped from 92-94% to 97-98% after we started using the program earlier in the year."

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Ezine-Tips for April 16, 2003

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