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Janet Roberts

Readers Agree: Content Still Rules
By Janet Roberts

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Good Experience publisher Mark Hurst's assertion in the previous Ezine-Tip that "content trumps usability" in subscription procedures drew agreement from several Ezine-Tips readers:

Stuart Ayling,
"I've been receiving Mark Hurst's Good Experience newsletter since early 2000 and I can vouch for his consistent focus on usability/ experience issues.

"From a marketing perspective I agree with Mark on the sign-up processes. It comes down to understanding reader expectations. As long as the sign-up process is within the expectation range of the reader, there shouldn't be any problem. There are a variety of sign-up methods to suit different needs. Anyone who has signed up for a number of newsletters will be familiar with the different approaches - hence an expectation range is formed. However I think we should aim to make sign-up as easy as possible for our desired audience."

You can read that interview here.

Rick Brenner (Point Outlook),
commented on the term "user experience" as a new criterion in judging Web-site effectiveness: "I've also heard it called "atmospherics," after the concept in brick-and-mortar retail."

Lois Sealey, Home Base Holidays:
"How reassuring to read Mark's comments that providing good, useful content in a newsletter is the most important consideration in attracting and keeping subscribers. This has always seemed logical to me but there are times, when I'm spending hours compiling and collating information for my newsletter, that I wonder if the results warrant all the effort.

"'Home Swappers' is only published bi-monthly, so it's amazing when ezines published weekly or even daily manage to stick to this criteria (like Ezine-Tips) and not resort to thinly disguished, over-hyped promotional efforts that many unfortunately are.

"I was also pleased to read that it's better to let a newsletter grow slowly and naturally, standing on its merits to attract subscribers for whom the content is of interest. Sometimes this feels like the tortoise approach - but the tortoise did beat the hare in the end!"

Lois also has a question I couldn't answer. If you have any information or resources, send it here.

"Has anyone done research on whether different types of content and styles in ezines (or on websites for that matter) appeal to different nationalities?"

Ezine-Tips for January 24, 2003

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