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Christopher Knight

Review of Michael Katz's Do-It-Yourself E-Newsletter System
By Christopher Knight

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If you've been considering acquiring Michael Katz's Do-It-Yourself E-Newsletter Systemô, pull up a chair and take a quick peak of my review of his self-paced electronic newsletter program for sole proprietors and small business owners. I offer you both the pros and the cons so you can decide for yourself in this quick mini-review: What you get with his E-Newsletter System:
  • Three Ring bound, 154 pages complete with an easy to follow, cross referenced, E-Newsletter Action Plan
  • Copy of the entire E-Newsletter System on CD-ROM
  • Special Report: "The Very Best Of Michael Katz's E-Newsletter on E-Newsletters", 46 pages
  • Audio CD: "The E-Newsletter Quick Start Teleseminar"
  • One year money back guarantee that reduces your risk and puts it on his shoulders
  • Who I think it's for: Small business owners, entrepreneurs, sole proprietors, solo-professionals and coaches. What's It Missing? (Cons) List building strategies. It does cover a handful of list growth strategies but does not go into extended depth on how to grow your list once it's started. For the newbie starting out, Katz's recommendations are enough to help you get started with your list building efforts - but his system is much better oriented to help you leverage your ezine to build, grow, sustain and extend your strongest relationships with your members than it is to help you chart all of the available list building strategies. Why I Think The E-Newsletter System is Excellent (Pros) Excellent system to help you figure out how to not only engage your clients or list members, but how to build a substantial on-going relationship with them. If you have trouble figuring out how to set the 'voice' or style of your email newsletter, Katz provides an excellent system to help you start from scratch and be able to produce a top notch ezine that will help grow your business immediately. Content Creation & Development Sections Rock! Katz puts a lot of emphasis on email newsletter CONTENT development, creation, management, and if you've ever sat at your computer screen with a blank stare under deadline pressure to spit out a quality ezine - you'll appreciate his "Creating Content" sections. You can really tell that he filled a void in the ezine training manual marketplace with this guide as most of the competing products don't cover the same level of depth on the relationship building aspects of leveraging your ezine. Often I'm so focused on the technology or economic aspects of managing, growing and promoting my own ezines, that I fail to take into consideration the enormous relationship-building potential that can be unleashed from a well designed email newsletter that accomplishes what Katz's system will help you produce: An "Oprah-like" bond with your email list members that can not only reduce your list attrition, but increase your conversions with each issue. I think the real ROI from his E-Newsletter System comes a few months after consistently acting on the strategies contained in his content and format development sections.

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    Ezine-Tips for September 04, 2005

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