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Janet Roberts

Should Ezine-Tips Change Its Production Schedule?
By Janet Roberts

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We are reviewing delivery options for Ezine-Tips, and we need your help. Right now, we publish daily text and HTML versions, plus a weekly text digest of all five daily columns.

Vote now on what our future publishing frequency should be.

When you go to the poll site, you will have 4 choices:

[ ] Daily
[ ] 3x Per Week
[ ] Weekly
[ ] Monthly

Just so it's clear: Voting in the poll won't change your current Ezine-Tips configuration. We're waiting to hear from readers, both subscribers and site visitors, before we decide whether to change the publication schedule. The Poll will end Tuesday, May 27th, 2003.

Also: Don't vote by replying to today's mailing. We'll count only the votes cast at the site.

Please vote now!

Bonus tip: We used Advanced Poll Version 2.0.2 to create our poll software. Find this free script at Java-World.

Ezine-Tips for May 23, 2003

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