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Janet Roberts

Some Subscriber-Growth Tips from GasPedal
By Janet Roberts

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How about a freebie to start off the week? GasPedal Ventures, an ecommerce consulting firm that works with newsletter publishers among others, has a zippy little 11-step guide to building your email-subscription list for free.

If you're an experienced publisher, you probably won't find anything jaw-droppingly new in "Double Your Email List for Free," but it never hurts to review the basics: sig lines, putting sub forms everywhere on your Web site, replying promptly to feedback, ad swaps, collecting email addresses when you speak in the real world, hunting down free promo services such as newsletter directories and list/ezine announcement services, and so on.

Here's one tip that doesn't usually show up but is worth mentioning if your newsletter promotes a real-world business: "In every contact, every employee should be asking for email addresses. Get customer service staff, call center operators, salespeople, service people and everyone else making the request."

Handled clumsily, this could get annoying in a big hurry, but if your employees make it clear why they're soliciting email addresses, it should indeed expand your opt-in database.

To read the report, you'll need to fill out a registration form. You'll also be asked to subscribe to a couple of GasPedal's own email newsletters, but at least the registration form doesn't helpfully check the boxes for you. And, if you're looking for marketing ideas, the "Damn, I Wish I'd Thought of That!" ezine has some good ideas.

Ezine-Tips for March 04, 2002

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