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Janet Roberts

SpamCheck Worth Checking Out
By Janet Roberts

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Are you getting ready to send a newsletter? Don't do it until you run it through SpamCheck. It's free, and, being free, it comes with a sales pitch; nevertheless, it's a tool worth using.

On Tuesday, I got an early Christmas present from five Ezine-Tips readers, all of whom are affiliates for, a Web- and email-marketing resource.

Each one sent me SpamCheck, an email tool that will run your newsletter through SpamAssassin, one of the better spam-trapping filters -- no sarcasm intended. Send your newsletter to the address, and in a few minutes, longer if lots of people are using the system, you'll get an automated answer showing how you scored.

Here's how it works: Paste your newsletter copy into the message field of your email message. Put TEST followed by your regular subject line in the subject field. Send it to the address below. (If you don't indicate TEST, SpamCheck will ignore the email.)

All the List-Universe newsletters I sent in as tests scored low enough not to be caught by most filters. This Ezine-Tip scored 2.8 points. I got penalized for "aggressive" language, having more than 76 characters in the copyright line at the end and "'Message-Id' was added by a relay."

(I've also been entertaining myself by sending in some of YOUR newsletters to see how SpamCheck rates them. A few need some real reworking, folks.)

Paul Crane, product manager for Site Build It! and affiliate programs for, also said SiteSell's Five Pillars affiliates can "brand" the address to boost their referral sales.

Yes, the report includes a sales pitch for SiteSell services, but it also tells you what anti-spam rules your email triggered, how likely you will end up in a spam trap and some easy ways to fix problems. And, the sales message will be relevant for many email publishers.

Here's the address:
You also can visit the Web site:

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