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Christopher Knight

Switch Email Gears When Publishing Email Newsletter Archives
By Christopher Knight

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As an email newsletter publisher, you made the decision to try and increase your ability to get your ezine past the spam filters. You know the strategies I'm talking about -- where you replace a vowel or letter to change a word from being caught by a spam trap.

Example: If you were to mention the word "spam" in your newsletter, you might write it as "sp*m" to get past a spam filter.

Today's Ezine-Tips suggestion is very brief:

If you are going to play the "beat the spam filter game" to increase your ezines ability to get past the spam filters, remember to switch gears when you publish your newsletter on your website.

Lately, I've noticed many email publishers post their spam-filter-beating email newsletter archive on the web and forget to convert back to not using spam-filter-beating strategies. There is nothing worse than a website visitor reading your email newsletter archives wondering why you replaced many of the vowels or characters in your writing. :-)

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Ezine-Tips for August 03, 2004

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