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Take A Break: Torture a Spammer
By Anne Holland

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(From the Ezine-Tips staff: Email publishing is serious business. So is dealing with spam and spammers. Nobody knows that more than Anne Holland. That doesn't mean you can't have a little fun while you vent your frustrations. To that end, Anne commissioned a new online game and gave Ezine-Tips readers first crack. We'll return to our regularly scheduled serious business in the next Ezine-Tip.)

Are you as fed up with spammers as I am?

Today I launched a new online game called "Torture a Spammer" specifically to support the opt-in email newsletter industry. Here's why:

Like you, I get loads of spam every day, but that's not the only reason I'm fed up. As an email publisher I'm very worried about the harm the spam explosion could cause our industry:

  • Potential readers are becoming more fearful of giving out their email addresses, which makes it harder to grow opt-in lists.

  • Subscribers switch mailboxes to get away from spam overload, which makes it harder to keep opt-in lists fresh.

  • Plus the biggie: Giant piles of spam crowd readers' in-boxes so they don't even see or read the ezines they actually asked for.

  • (Practically every day a reader tells us they clicked 'delete' on our ezine by mistake, and could we send a replacement?)

One day this August, I just lost it. I called my business partner and said, "You know that money we were saving up for a special company retreat? We're going to spend it to build an online game instead. It will be just as big a stress reliever; plus, we can share it with all our fellow ezine publishers."

So, that's what we did. Now, it's ready for you.

P.S. Hope you get a kick out of the angelic "opt-in" character with the halo and the fluffy wings vs. the evil "opt-out" character with nasty red horns.

Tip contributed by Anne Holland

Ezine-Tips for September 17, 2002

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