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Janet Roberts

Tell Us Why You Like Text or HTML
By Janet Roberts

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Lynda Partner doesn't let the grass grow under her feet when she gets a good idea.

In the last Ezine-Tip, I shared some research showing how consumers and advertisers prefer different newsletter formats. (That column is here)

The president and CEO of GotMarketing fired off a prompt response:

"Why do you like text better?' is the real question. The answers to this question would help all of us improve our newsletters."

A few hours later, she put together a survey that asks respondents why they prefer one message format over another.

You have two opportunities to aid newsletter-publishing research:

  • Take the survey yourself.

  • In your next newsletter, ask your own readers to fill out the survey. This will widen the response field and ensure that results reflect a broad range of email users. Lynda has paid Zoomerang to keep the survey alive for more than 10 days; so, help her get her money's worth.

As soon as GotMarketing analyzes and releases the results, we'll post them here.

Ezine-Tips for August 22, 2002

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