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Christopher Knight

Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Raise The Value of Your List
By Christopher Knight

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As if you didn't already know the benefits of raising the value of your email newsletter.... ;-) Here are some gentle-nudge reasons why it's good to focus on raising the value of your ezine:

  1. Improving list member CONFIDENCE should always be your number one goal. With this, all things are possible, especially referrals, advertising revenue opportunities & more!

  2. To have an asset you can sell in the future, just like a business.

  3. To attract key list members to your list, which can have a major impact for your and your list.

  4. To set your list apart from the rest, so it's easier for folks to tell the difference between your quality publication / list vs. the other thousand lists fighting for their attention.

  5. To solicit other high-level, high-quality contributions from list members, who believe enough in what you are doing to send their own tips, comments, suggestions, and contribution.

  6. To get endorsed.

  7. To be recognized by the media, and be written about, talked about, on tv, radio, internet, anywhere, etc.. :)

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Ezine-Tips for August 11, 1998

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