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Christopher Knight

Unlock Hidden Assets In Your Email Newsletter or Discussion List
By Christopher Knight

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Got hidden assets that need leveraging? We all do. Today's Ezine-Tips is to use your unsold email ad inventory to barter & trade for valuable merchandise, products & services that you may need.

If your list is advertising supported, and your total ad inventory is not sold out (ie: 90%+ of the lists today), this tip is for you.

Another way to make money with a list, is to use it to reduce your costs so that you keep more of the money you make.

Today, take a look at your list ad inventory.

DEFINITION: Ad Inventory = the total number of ads that can run through your list during a given time period. For example: You publish daily, you allow 2 ads per list insert. That means you have 10 possible ad insertions per week or 40 per month. Your total ad inventory is 40 for the month or 480 for the year.

Any ad spot that is not sold out, needs to be immediately begin producing money for you, either through associate programs, barter deals with the many barter exchanges, trades with other list owners to build each others list, trades for merchandise and the things you need for your business or life, and any other non-cash trade that will bring value into your life.


You may be sitting on something that could produce several thousands or tens of thousands. Just because you don't have a cash paying advertising sponsor today does not mean you couldn't turn those ad inventories into value for your business or life.

Give it a shot as you've got nothing to lose. :-)

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Ezine-Tips for October 07, 1998

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