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Christopher Knight

Visitor to Ezine Conversion Checklist - How Can I Get My Visitors To Subscribe To My Ezine?
By Christopher Knight

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Here's a handy checklist for you to review to see how many of these things you already are doing or may want to be doing to increase your visitor to subscriber conversion rate.

Visitor Conversion To Ezine Subscriber Tactics:

[__] Subscription box on home page above the fold in the upper right or left corner [__] Subscription box on every relevant page of your site for visitors who land on a specific page on your site rather than coming through the home page front door. [__] Test subscription boxes below the fold as well as above the fold till you find the highest number of subscriptions coming per physical location of the sub box within your web pages. [__] Using the power of "WHY" to give your visitors a reason why they should join your email newsletter. [__] Test an image of your ezine (think ebook cover, but smaller like a notebook cover). Example: [__] Test a price point value... example: Join this free ezine today, a $97 value. [__] Privacy policy listed below your SUBSCRIBE button to assure confidence that you won't spam them. [__] Add audio or video of you encouraging them to join your list. [__] Separate sales letter page where you sell them on why they should join... perhaps including testimonials from current members. [__] Consider the source of your traffic. If you can find a way to bring affiliate-referred traffic, you may find that type of traffic visitor to convert at a higher level than a search engine referred visitor or other types of visitors.

Optional Strategies:

[__] Include your ezine as an option in your clients membership registration form. [__] Squeeze Page concept where the only action they can take to get the promised benefit is to join your list. [__] Exit Pops or Java hover ads giving them a benefit if they join your list. Some call this form of *subscription requestion* (that's a new word I just made up) as a bit of evil, but the results from those who test all come back conclusive and un-deniable that it's an effective strategy for boosting subscription rates by 20-30% on average.

Track & Measure Your Results:

You know how many new subscriptions you get per day from your website, right? You know how many unique visitors you get per day, right? Divide your new daily subscriptions by your daily visitors to come up with your conversion rate. This is now your baseline performance and you can walk through the above checklist to try new things to improve your conversion rate. Ok, if you haven't done the majority of the above checklist, then I recommend that you pick just one single item above and get it done this week. Next week, you can add more and stack your subscription conversion strategies to improve your results.

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Ezine-Tips for July 20, 2006

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