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Janet Roberts

Webinar Covers Email Privacy Laws
By Janet Roberts

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If you have an hour to spare on Wednesday, April 16, spend it at a Web-based seminar on privacy laws and email marketing, "But I'm Not a Spammer: How Privacy Laws Affect Legitimate Email Marketers," sponsored by Digital Impact.

Even if you don't consider yourself an email marketer, the topic will affect you if you have anything to do with email publishing.

It starts at noon U.S. Eastern time, 9 a.m. U.S. Pacific time, 5 p.m. in London and 2 a.m. Thursday Sydney time. (All times from here)

The seminar will feature two DI representatives: Ashlen Cherry, director of privacy and government affairs, and Kenneth Hirschman, vice president and general counsel and will cover topics such as existing and impending state and federal laws and lawsuits, how to comply with the law and avoid frivolous spam lawsuits, and legal developments and trends.

To register, start at the Digital Impact homepage and choose the seminar listed at the top of the right-hand column.

Don't wait too long, because the seminars usually fill up fast. If you don't get in, you can request the slide presentation (send email with your name and company or publication) or view the presentation on the site after DI archives it.

The Webinar is free, which might be a small consolation for American publishers who are writing their income-tax checks today. Being free, you can expect a subtle sales pitch for Digital Impact's services, but the Webinars themselves usually deliver solid information.

Ezine-Tips for April 15, 2003

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