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Christopher Knight

What Is An Ezine? E-Zine? Email Newsletter? E-Newsletter?
By Christopher Knight

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An ezine (a.k.a. e-zine, email newsletter, e-mail newsletter, or e-newsletter) is a newsletter that is delivered via email that you can subscribe or opt-in to it. Email delivery frequencies range from multiple times per day (almost never recommended) to daily to multiple times per week to weekly to bi-weekly, monthly, quarter or any periodic delivery schedule. Some of the best ezines are delivered dailiy, weekly, bi-weekly or month. Any delivery frequency longer than monthly is not recommended. An important component to an 'ezine' is the permission you give the ezine publisher. Double or confirm-opt-in is the best method of subscription and this means that you not only requested to receive the email newsletter, but you confirmed your request to receive it by clicking on a confirmation link or replying to an email verification. Any ezine that does not require confirmation or a subscription process is spam (unsolicited commercial email). What an ezine is not: Web-based only. While it is true that you can put an ezine on the web and you should do that, if your ezine is only available on the web, then it is a webzine at best...and definitely is not an 'ezine'. An ezine usually will come in a plain ASCII text format or via a rich HTML format or allow both formats via an auto email client detection strategy called MIME/Multipart. You should never send PDF's or any other large file to your email list members unless they are expecting it and can handle it receiving your files. Why do people publish ezines? It's a critical business tool to develop relationships within your niche, to keep in contact with your clients or members, build your credibility or perceived expertise in the marketplace and drive leads, sales and/or revenue by selling products/services or advertising along-side quality original content.

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Ezine-Tips for October 07, 2005

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