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Why You Need a Domain Name for Your Ezine
By Ryan Lee

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It seems that every day there are more and more ezines being published. This is because word is getting out about the benefits of publishing online. With all of this competition, how can you make your ezine stand out? Get your own domain name!

You no doubt know about all of the free list services (ListBot, eGroups, etc.), and each have their strengths. They are great resources for the management of your ezine. However, if all you do is keep your ezine docked there, you are not bringing your ezine to its full potential.

Now that the domain registration is an open market system (more than one registrar), you can register a domain name for as little as $20 a year. That is a small investment for your ezine. Here are some of the best reasons to get your own domain name now:

  • Professional Image: This is the most important factor, especially if you will be looking for advertisers down the road. By purchasing your own domain name, even though it is a small investment, you are showing both advertisers and potential subscribers that you are serious about your ezine. You are a professional and your ezine is professional!

  • Increase your subscribers: When you put out a good ezine, your subscribers will talk about it. Word of mouth is a big factor in bringing in more people. It is easier to spread word about a short, descriptive .com name than a long URL.

  • Take it with you: If your free web host goes out of business, you are stuck without a website (which you have been promoting). With your own domain name, you can move to any web host you choose. YOU are in control of your business!

  • Search engine listings: When you have a separate site for your ezine, you can submit it separately to the search engines and directories. And if you choose a domain name with some good keywords, you might get a better listing.

  • Save time: Yes, it can actually save you time. While you will spend some time in the beginning getting your site up, you can create FAQ pages, online media kits, online polls and subscriber feedback pages which means less time for you answering emails.

  • Publicity: Having your own domain name means a better chance of getting picked up by the media. Most editors do not take freebie sites too seriously. Again, it goes back to your professional image. After all, you don't see many magazine or newspaper articles do you see about a freebie site (Tripod, Angelfire, etc.).

  • It's Proven: Two of the most successful ezines on the Internet have domain names to match. Lockergnome and Langa both have well over 100,000 subscribers each. It is because they have great content, are good marketers, and have a domain name that is synonymous with their ezine.

Stay tuned, because tomorrow I will show you how to choose a good domain name for your ezine...

Ryan Lee

Ryan Lee is proprietor of and publishes the DomainRepo Newsletter, a free weekly publication featuring recently expired, unused and repossessed domain names. To subscribe,

Ezine-Tips for June 07, 2000

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