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Janet Roberts

Why Your Hotmail Links Expire
By Janet Roberts

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Ezine-Tips reader Michael Rawls suggests a reason why links in Hotmail email messages expire after 5 minutes.

"MSN/Hotmail does that to keep track of who goes where from Hotmail," said Michael, who publishes the ezine Friday's Inspiration.

"If the link is not used in a certain amount of time, MSN moves on, forgetting about learning your preferences. If Hotmail members don't want MSN snooping around to find where they go, they need to paste the link into a new browser window, opened outside of Hotmail," he wrote.

"My subscribers asked for a direct link to the "new" weekly site content (i.e., this week's article), which I wisely place at the very top of my newsletter, easily found, along with the 'teaser information' near the top, to get them to click through and browse my site. They can close the outside-of-Hotmail window when they are through with the weekly content, and read the rest of the newsletter at their leisure. This works quite well for all mail systems, and has been generally well-received by my subscribers!"

I'll have to take Michael's word for it, because I got no answer from MSN about whether this really why links in newsletters sent to Hotmail accounts go inactive if the reader leaves the newsletter open in Hotmail for 5 minutes or more. (Here's the link to that column)

As long as we're on HTML, here's a list, courtesy of the eNews Builder house newsletter, about which email clients support HMTL and which don't:

Yes to HTML:

AOL 6.0 or higher, Netscape Navigator e-mail, Netscape Communicator e-mail, Microsoft IE 4.0 or higher, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, Eudora HTML, Hotmail, Mailcity, Yahoo Mail, Rocketmail

No to HTML (text only):

AOL Version 5.0 or lower, QuickMail, Eudora Lite and pre-4.2, Lotus Notes/CC:Mail (depends on install), Microsoft Internet Mail, Pegasus Mail, Microsoft Mail, Claris Emailer, Prodigy, Compuserve, Mail Excite

Ezine-Tips for July 11, 2002

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