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Brian Alt

Your Ezine's Revenue Model
By Brian Alt

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These times of a downcast online advertising market have caused email publishers to look at alternative sources of revenue to support their publications. While this reactive movement is necessary for anyone who wants to survive and keep revenues up, a proactive approach would be to actually outline an ezine's revenue model ahead of time. By actually selecting and writing down multiple sources from which your ezine venture will derive revenue, you'll be much better equipped to deal with changing market conditions in the future.

Potential sources of ezine revenue include:

  • advertising
  • commissions from affiliate or other revenue-sharing programs
  • sales of your own products or services
  • revenue generated directly from your content (through syndication, etc.)
  • subscription fees
  • voluntary donations from your subscribers

Your ezine's revenue model may contain all of the above, or it may only cover one or two areas. But keep in mind that if your business has only one or two "profit pillars", should one of those pillars crumble, you may be left with nothing. On the other hand, if your revenue comes from four of five distinct sources and one goes kaput, the others should provide enough of a foundation to keep you going.

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