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Christopher Knight

Your List Advertising Sales Part 1 of 3
By Christopher Knight

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There are only three ways to grow your list advertising sales:

  1. Selling to new advertisers you haven't sold to yet.

  2. Selling more to each advertising client you already have.

  3. Getting your existing ad clients to buy more often,thereby increasing the frequency of re-purchase.

Today, we're going to dig into #1, on how to increase the number of new advertising clients who could buy advertising from you.

Strategies to get new advertisers to whom you have never sold yet include:

  • Set up an alias for all incoming advertising requests, such as: or sales@...

  • Set up a rates autoresponder that give instant answers on the most commonly asked questions about advertising on your list.

  • Respond to every lead you get. You'd be surprised how many folks don't follow up with their own leads, and in the past, I've been guilty of this myself and have had to learn the hard way.

  • Call the leads you get on the telephone. Sometimes using email is not enough. If you really cared, you'd pick up the phone and call your leads back.

  • Outline every advertiser who is advertising in other lists that are in the same niche space your list is, and send them a fax, snail mail piece, email or telephone call to see if they would be interested in reaching your audience.

  • If you don't have one yet, get a domain name and website to support your list. Create a media kit, which contains everything they need to know to buy advertising from you, along with a secure signup form.

  • Get your own toll free number to reduce any barrier that might stop someone from calling you to advertise in your list(s).

  • Create 3 full page flyers, which cover your benefits, testimonials, reasons why prospects should advertise with you, pricing, etc. and snail mail this info to folks who you have targeted as the perfect demographic to buy from you.

  • Join every list of every competitor to your list(s) and start creating a log of who advertises in those lists. This is your lead list.

One last Ezine-Tip for today: Folks who have a recent history of advertising in other lists like yours, are 50-100% more likely to advertise in your list versus someone who has never advertised before and doesn't even know what CPM is.

The time it takes to educate newbies is seldom worth it, if you're serious about driving your ad sales. You could take the opposite approach to my advice, and it may work for you also, but test this for yourself to see which way works best.

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Ezine-Tips for September 30, 1999

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