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Brian Alt

eBook Review: Affiliate Marketing 101
By Brian Alt

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Affiliate revenue is the most popular alternative to advertising revenue to provide funds for an email publication. Even if profit is not your primary publishing goal, it's nice at least to recover your costs for the time and money you put into your ezine. The right affiliate programs can create an excellent source of revenue for your ezine. Today's featured resource helps you use them effectively.

Affiliate Marketing 101 by Wayne and Kim Porter is by far the best introduction I've read to affiliate programs and how they work. In its 100+ pages, the authors examine the ins and outs of affiliate marketing, starting with a general intro to the topic. They then examine how to select the right program and offer several warning signs to protect yourself from joining the wrong programs. There's a thorough examination of the differences between affiliate programs compared to MLM and pyramid schemes. The "Strategies for Success" offers a collection of techniques and ideas that will help boost your affiliate sales.

The ebook answers common (and not-so-common but equally important) affiliate questions, such as:

  • How do I find programs with relevant products or services for my existing audience?

  • What are the advantages or potential pitfalls of a two-tier affiliate program?

  • How do I avoid the common mistakes when getting started in affiliate marketing?

  • How can certain kinds of advertising actually hurt my commission-earning potential?

Terms and their definitions are provided as you go, making this highly informative read very easy to understand.

Finally, one of the coolest sections of the ebook is "Advice from Industry Experts," in which affiliate gurus such as Allan Gardyne (, Brian Clark (, and Glenn Sobel ( respond to a series of questions that solicit their best advice.

Affiliate Marketing 101 is available for purchase at

Ezine-Tips for July 17, 2001

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