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Christopher Knight

Email Newsletter Volume and Numbering Schemes - What's The Rule To Follow?
By Christopher Knight

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Kathy writes:
"I have been creating an e-zine for the past five months and now that we are in a new year; I don't know if I should change the volume number, along with the issue number? ...Now that we're in a new year? Can you tell me the rules about this?"
Many long running email newsletters/ezines use the "Volume X, Number X" to denote periods of time and the issue number to help their members know if they missed an issue or for easier referencing & collecting. A "Volume" is any period of time that you alone determine. It can be a calendar year, a fiscal year, a season, or any period of time that makes sense to you and your industry. You don't have to do the Volume/Numbering scheme if you don't want to as it's purely optional. One benefit of numbering your email newsletter is to give perception strength to your publication as a serial rather than one-off or random periodical (such as this Ezine-Tips newsletter).

Four mistakes to avoid and keep in mind:

  1. Don't use double numbering: Example to avoid: Volume 2, Issue 1. Number 4. Choose Issue 1. or Number 1, but not both numbering conventions.

  2. Use common Arabic numbering instead of Roman Numerals. It'll be easier to understand for your reader.

  3. Over time, have some continuity of purpose in your numbering/volume scheme so that it makes sense to your readership. They should be able to predict why your numbering system is as it is.

  4. Your numbering/volume scheme should not change until the purpose or scope of your email newsletter changes.

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Ezine-Tips for January 08, 2008

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